Henry’s Fork

October 17, 2018
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"You can also be rewarded by vicious hopper takes during the dog days of Summer by a wild rainbow not willing to let a big meal go unnoticed"

Henry’s fork Idaho. It basically came down to a flip of the coin, either I keep heading Southeast, or backtrack to see what these fabled waters were all about. I knew heading into the situation, there would be no chance in hell that it would be a lone one. I planned on hitting Harriman state park, and  I could already see the scores of anglers inching their way along the waters edge, jockeying around parking lots filled with vehicles, and boats sliding through the only 10 foot piece of water I was working at the moment, but sometimes you just gotta go play with the herd.

henrys fork brrok trout

Not to my surprise, it all came true, but only mostly true. Your typical points of access were easy targets for the unwilling and able, but with a little bit of effort and timing; I.E. putting about 20 minutes or more under your boots, and making sure you hit the water during a weekday (as I quickly find out when I attempted to find a parking spot the next morning, which turned out to be a very busy Saturday morning) you can avoid a good portion of it. And despite these detracting factors, the place is just so damn beautiful, you can find yourself lost within it, even among the crowds.

When it comes to matching the hatches, it can demand the best from an angler as I witnessed while trying to place spinners within feeding lanes in the late evening hours along slithering, silver side channels. You can also be rewarded by vicious hopper takes during the dog days of Summer by a wild rainbow not willing to let a big meal go unnoticed, or hooking up with fish after fish during a mid-morning PMD hatch, the likes of which will never be witnessed in my home waters of Arizona.


henrys fork rainbow trout

There is definitely something magical about this place, and I can see why anglers are drawn back here year after year. One of the nice things about Harriman state park, is that it is sort of a no-fly zone for drift boats, and although you might witness some as I did, it more or less is left to the wading folk which helps cut down on the crowd. The abundant wildlife including the water fowl makes for good entertainment when taking a break and the sunsets were incredible. Definitely on the hit list next time I’m passing through.

harriman state park fly fishing


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