Head-Water Cutthroats

October 2, 2018
Posted in Fly Fishing

"Being from Arizona, I'm well aware of how sizable fish can take up residence in unusually small water however, it still surprises me whenever I find them!"

Evening was setting in and the fishing had been quite slow to say the least. We pulled into a cozy little campsite just off of the road, nestled in a grove of pines, when I decided to line up the rod for a few more casts before it was time to heat up the grill.

The expectation was to land some little head-water cutthroats on dries using my Sage TXL-F Ought weight fly rod ( a favorite small stream rod of mine.) I eased my way along the thick-brush lined stream, down to a bend just below our campsite. There the water had a chance to collect along the banks-maybe a foot or so deep before dumping into a pool below and then carried on through a flat of riffles. I cast my fly along the shore where instantly, what appeared to be little wild trout, pecked at the fly, refusing it one after another.

wyoming headwaters

Eventually I tied on another fly and my persistence paid off. I hooked into a fish much heavier than what I previously thought had been feeding along the bank. I saw its deep yellow hue and I knew I had a good one on! The fish took off down stream to a pool riddled with overhanging brush where it had the little 0-wt bent deep into the cork. After several minutes my hoots of joy were echoing up the canyon walls as I had the fish safely in my net.

cutthroat fishing wyoming

Soon, the sun began to set through the canyon walls, the air grew cold and the water turned to a silver brown. I worked swiftly through the little pools and riffles where I was able to pick up a few more nice fish before I reluctantly had to call it a day. Being from Arizona, I’m well aware of how sizable fish can take up residence in unusually small water however, it still surprises me whenever I find them!

wyoming headwaters cutthroat


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