Agony and Excitement

July 13, 2018
Posted in Fly Fishing

"The 5 weight glass rod was bent deep and I was trying my hardest to keep the beast as well as my rod out of the trees that seamed to close in tighter and tighter as the fight ensued."

It was a long, tedious drive down a rugged dirt road. The storm clouds loomed overhead and I knew that any second the sky could open up and put a real damper on my aspirations for the day. The truck bounced and bucked it’s way up and over the little rocks that somehow grew 10 inches tall each time my tires touched them. Please don’t let this be a wash out of a day!

Just as I tied on the yellow Madam X it began raining. I cursed the sky for letting me walk all the way down here. It was a solid mile of pure descent and I knew walking back up would be killer no matter what, but at least catching a few fish has the ability to sooth the most tired soles souls.

utah creek

Luckily the rain didn’t stick around very long, and soon enough I was hooked into the first Colorado River Cutthroat of the day, and from there it was on! The very next pool I let my fly drift bout 20 yards below me on the little densely covered stream where it was attacked by some sort of large predator. The 5 weight Blue Halo was bent deep and I was trying my hardest to keep the beast as well as my rod out of the trees that seamed to close in tighter and tighter as the fight ensued. After several minutes the beast landed in my net, and I was face to face with the 2nd biggest Tiger trout I had ever caught, and certainly the biggest one to come form a stream!

utah tiger trout
tiger trout big

After releasing the fish back to its dwelling I wandered my way up stream casting into any fishy looking pocket of water. The day was wrought with agony and excitment as I hooked fish after fish and lost many large Tigers that either snapped my 4x tippet, broke me off on a log, or simply slipped the hook, including one that might have been my all around largest to date.

utah cutthroat

Soon I felt my legs getting tired and I knew that I had a long journey back to the truck. Still high on a cocktail of excitement and frustration, I trudged my way slowly back. I had lost quite a few fish, but I knew it was an all around great day. And to top it off, I hadn’t seen a single footprint the whole time!

another utah tiger trout


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